DUI Defense Lawyer - Choosing a DUI Lawyer 

Considerations For Choosing A DUI Lawyer

Should You Choose A Lawyer Because The Lowest Fee Has Been Quoted To You?
Remember the old adage 'you get what you pay for'? This really holds true when hiring a lawyer. Generally, a low fee means that the lawyer will do the minimum to resolve your case. Most of the time, the result will not be a favorable as possible. So, please do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Working with a 'cheap lawyer' can very likely lead to more cash outlays to the government in the future. These outlays almost always exceed the cost of a 'reasonable' fee.

Can You Select A Lawyer Who Does Not Have Substantial Experience In DUI And/Or Criminal Law?
It is to your best advantage to request that the attorney provide you with information about his/her experience in DUI or Criminal Law. Representative case summaries and the approximate number of felonies and misdemeanors handled could provide you with valuable insight about the breadth and scope of an attorney's experience, skills and level of success.

What About Lawyers Who Make Guarantees?
No one can predict the outcome of any legal situation with any certainty. Any attorney who guarantees a specific outcome is actually violating the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct. All an attorney is permitted to guarantee is 'best efforts'. There is no certainty in law in terms of probabilities. Do not let any attorney tell you otherwise. Instead, inquire about resolved results.

Should you Choose An Attorney Who Does Not Keep Up To Date With Developments For DUI And Criminal Defense?
If you needed an operation, you would not choose a surgeon who has only had a limited amount of education on the subject of surgeries. It is the same with an attorney. Continued education is paramount to mounting a judicial fight. When speaking with attorneys about your case, make sure you ask whether he or she attends continuing legal education seminars dealing with DUI or other Criminal law topics on a regular basis. Inquire as to whether an attorney has a solid library of books for DUI and other criminal defense matters. Do not shy away from this request. It is your life.

Do You Need An Attorney Who Has A Game Plan Approach And Is Proactive With It?
You want an attorney who can, and will, attack the law on a detail by detail basis; one who can detect deficiencies or discrepancies in the prosecution's case. You need an attorney who will find and exploit the loopholes in procedural and substantive laws so you won't have to. Nicholas George is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will use those mistakes to your advantage whether you are charged with a DUI, felony or misdemeanor.

Is There a Risk in Selecting An Attorney Whose Abilities Are Not Recognized By An Impartial Institution?
In an initial interview, ask the attorney about the professional organizations he or she is affiliated with and what 'membership' means. Furthermore, inquire whether the attorney has received any rating of competence. If so, ask the attorney to explain precisely what the 'rating' means. Do not shy away from requesting a self-appraisal from the attorney. Key concerns by you could be fleshed out. Always watch out for the sales talk and puffery.

Can You Trust a Lawyer Who Takes Every Type Of Case That Comes Through His Or Her Office Door?
During difficult economic times, attorneys far afield from practicing criminal or DUI law will take a DUI case, for example, with negligible training, experience and knowledge about this charge. These attorneys may misrepresent their ability and experience to acquire a fee from you. Please do not be led down the primrose path. Ask the attorney to demonstrate past experience with DUI cases; said attorneys should not be reluctant to show you relevant books, continuing legal education materials, prior case results and relevant accreditations. If the attorney is unable or unwilling to do so, it is highly probable that their competence is misrepresented to you. Do not use this attorney even if the fee is very low. Your welfare and liberty are at stake.

Are You Sure That the Lawyer You Select Will Commit To A Communicative Relationship In Which You Will Be Well Informed About The Status Of Your Case Regularly?
Before you sign a retainer agreement with an attorney, make sure that the attorney will provide some assurance that you shall be regularly apprised of the status of your case. Moreover, your phone calls must, under most circumstances, be answered or at least returned within 24 hours. If an emergency arises, your attorney should be available on a reasonable basis. You are going through an anxiety-laden time with criminal charges and deserve special, but not necessarily overwhelming, consideration from your attorney.