DUI Defense Lawyer - DUI FAQs 

Red Flags That Trigger a Traffic Stop That Could Lead To a DUI Arrest in Seattle

The following behaviors are considered to be 'Red Flags' that will increase your chances of being pulled over for a DUI in Seattle:

• Driving with headlights off
• Accelerating or decelerating rapidly
• Driving slower than 10 miles per hour
• Turning abruptly or illegally
• Turning with wide radius
• Stopping inappropriately (other than in the lane of travel)
• A slow response to traffic signals
• Driving into or crossing traffic
• Straddling center or lane marker
• Erratic application of the brakes
• Driving with tires on center or lane marker
• Driving in the opposite lane
• Following too closely
• Stopping without cause in the lane of traffic
• Swerving; Weaving
• Almost striking object or vehicle (near miss)
• Appearing to be intoxicated (eye fixation, tightly gripping wheel, gesturing erratically, etc.)
• Broken headlight or tail light
• Rear License light out
• Broken windshield
• Missing rear view mirror
• Expired license tabs.