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Bellevue, WA DUI Attorney Nicholas George Handles Seattle and King County DUI Arrests

If You Get Arrested For a DUI in Seattle or King County, there is an affordable DUI attorney in Bellevue who has 26 years of experience defending DUI charges, and you need him on your defense team!

If your DUI in Washington state is your first offense, there is a higher likelihood that your charges can be reduced or dismissed.

Statistically, you are more likely to get stopped in Seattle or King County for investigation of a driving under the influence (DUI) charge around the holidays, especially times known for celebrations, like Halloween night, Thanksgiving evening, and New Year's Eve.

Seattle & King County Police patrols increase during the holiday season, especially around New Year's Eve, and officers are on high alert for slightest signs of erratic driving or something that may give them a reason to stop your car to talk to you. The best option is to plan ahead, have a driver if you plan to be drinking, or call for a ride. But if you get a DUI in Seattle or King County, you need to know what to do.

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Know Your Rights

When your car is stopped by a law officer, for whatever reason, you have rights and responsibilities. Obviously, you are expected to follow the lawful instructions of the officer, and provide whatever identification is required, including paperwork for your car registration and proof of insurance and proof of valid driver's license.

You also have rights, such as to know why the officer stopped you, and what you are suspected of doing wrong, if anything. If the officer finds further reasons for suspicion upon talking to you at your car, such as a strong odor of alcohol, slurring of speech or redness of eyes, for instance, the investigation can continue further, generally until the officer is satisfied that you are not in violation of the law, or until tests conclude that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level appears to be in excess of the amount allowed by law.

Know Your Options

If the DUI investigation concludes with an arrest, your drama is just beginning. You will probably be facing some detention in jail, costs to get out, and many more problems in the weeks and months ahead. Avoid the drama - plan ahead, celebrate smart, and avoid a situation that can lead to a DUI. But if you do get a DUI in Seattle, you need a strong defense. Know what to do and how you will respond in advance, and you are better prepared.

We have reasonable fees and can make arrangements to fit your budget.

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