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A DUI Attorney in Bellevue who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind

A DUI Attorney in Bellevue who will make You a Priority. For Positive Results, Peace of Mind, and a Strong Professional Relationship.

You probably didn't think when you got behind the wheel after the game that you would be restricted from driving. You'd been in this situation dozens of times before and you never had a problem, so why the hassle?

It's not like you hit anything. The officer pulled you over because he felt that you were weaving and then you failed the breathalyzer. Now, you're facing fines, license suspension, maybe even jail time. How did you ever get here, and more importantly, how will you get out of here? Call Nick George, the DUI Warrior. He cares about you. He takes action for you. He gets favorable results for you.

You can count on a top DUI Attorney in Seattle to tell you exactly how you got here and what you're facing from the prosecutor. Nick George prepares a DUI defense Seattle prosecutors won't have a good answer for. It's important for you to reflect on what the consequences could have been this time and what they will be next time if the action is repeated.

The principal attorney in our firm, Nick George, has specialized training in both DUI defense and forensic toxicology. When he takes a DUI case, he generally gets his clients a superior resolution. If you want to win your case and avoid that first, second, or third drunk driving conviction, we are the firm you want to have representing you.

Call or Contact Us via Email, for your free legal consultation, and we will help you get a good DUI defense.