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Among the highest rated
Lawyers from Avvo, the
world's largest legal directory.
Lead Counsel Rated for Criminal Law and Drunk Driving Defense
Lead Counsel Rated
For Criminal Law and
Drunk Driving Defense
Top 100 DUI Attorneys in Washington State
Top 100 DUI Attorneys
Washington State
Nation's Top 1% Distinguished Counsel
Nation's Top 1%
Distinguished Counsel
Peer Review Rated for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability
Peer Review Rated for Highest Ethical
Standards and High Legal Ability
Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer Washington State
Top 100 Criminal Defense
Lawyer Washington State
Top 100 Trial Lawyers
Top 100 Trial Lawyers
Washington State

My Legal Strategy

My Legal Strategy

My name is Nicholas George. I don't beat around the bush. I am a criminal defense/DUI lawyer who has fought for the legal rights of all kinds of people for more than twenty-two years. We are living in the age of 'Big Brother' government. All too often, law enforcement officers have exceeded the constitutional boundaries established by the federal and state laws. As a result, the presumption of innocence has been compromised and charged persons have been frequently mistreated physically, emotionally, and legally.

At the Law Offices of Nicholas George, we are committed to proactive, pragmatic legal representation for our clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies. Our clients are treated with dignity and respect which means that we look at how criminal consequences affect all aspects of a charged person's life. Our goals are either dismissal, a reduced charge, or a not guilty verdict at trial. If necessary, we are prepared to appeal favorable issues should they be present. Your specific case is very important to us; without competent legal assistance, you could be unduly oppressed in the precarious criminal justice system.

Frequently, the law enforcement officer won't document what you wanted noted and will write incriminating memos designed to assist the prosecutor in charging and eventually convicting you. If you want an aggressive attorney with integrity who will not tolerate police or prosecutorial misconduct, choose me. I don't accept 'spin' for the truth. Nor will I engage in an unethical or illegal defense. However, I will do my utmost to get you the best result under the unique circumstances of your case.

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A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind
A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind
About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law
About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law
Nicholas George Legal Accreditation
Nicholas George Legal Accreditation's
DUI Attorneys Fees
DUI Attorneys Fees
DWI / DUI Training Programs Attended by Nicholas GeorgeMemberships and Associations, Accreditation's & DUI TrainingsAttorney Nicholas George is Relentless in His Pursuit of Justice.Excellent Representation in Spokane County Superior Court

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Nicholas George - Spokane Criminal Attorney & DUI Attorney

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