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Read our blog for the latest info about DUI arrest representation in Bellevue, including information about marijuana and under age DUI. Nicholas George is a DUI Defense Attorney with years of experience defending drunk drivers in Seattle, WA. Nicholas George Seattle DUI Attorney - The DUI Warrior! Legal Representation.

Driving While Baked: New Marijuana Breath Test Device to Detect Levels of THC

The legalization of marijuana in Washington has raised concerns over 'drugged driving', 'driving while baked' or 'driving while high', including testing methodology, accuracy of tests for THC and unfair arrests for 'recent use' of marijuana. Proposed solutions include a new 'marijuana breathalyzer' for detecting the level of THC in your system.

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Unlike Alcohol, its Tough to Set DUI Limits for Marijuana

Recent article by Ashley Halsey III of the Washington Post focusing on the issues surrounding limits for drivers who have consumed marijuana:

There is a legal limit for drunk driving, but when it comes to marijuana, new research shows it may be impossible to say just how high is too high to drive.
There's no breathalyzer for pot, and researchers say blood tests are useless when it comes to telling whether someone who has been smoking is fit to drive.

The question matters now that four states have made it legal for any adult to smoke marijuana, and more than 20 others have approved its use for medical reasons. In Washington, one of the first states to approve recreational marijuana use... Read More

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