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Causes of Inaccurate Radar Reading


Did you know that more than a quarter of traffic violations that are given are done in error? Faulty radar guns, laser guns, and other faulty techniques can cause you to receive a ticket that you should have not received. What makes matters worse; most people who receive traffic tickets pay their fine and never think twice about it.


One of the most common forms of a faulty reading for radar guns and laser guns is interference. Radar guns use the electromagnetic spectrum to help them gauge the speed of a vehicle. Problems arise with interference when the electromagnetic spectrum has multiple forms of energy happening at once. Air cond... Read More

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Should I Mitigate or Contest my Traffic Ticket?

What is a Mitigation Hearing versus a Contested Hearing?

The difference between a Mitigation Hearing and a Contested Hearing is if you elect to 'mitigate' your Washington traffic ticket, you admit that you committed the traffic violation. You are telling the judge that you admit you did what the police officer said you did but want an opportunity explain the circumstances.

Once you admit to the Court that you committed the traffic infraction, the traffic ticket will go on your driving record. At best, the judge may reduce your fine. Do not seek to mitigate your traffic ticket with the hope that a judge will dismiss it. A mitigation hearing is not the forum to fight your traffic ... Read More

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What Should I do if Pulled Over for a Traffice Infraction of a Criminal Traffic Violation (DUI)?

1. Make sure you pull over correctly and safely.

The law requires drivers to pull over onto the right shoulder in response to a police officer's lights. Do not pull over on the left shoulder. If you do, the police officer can order you to move your vehicle to the correct side. The officer can also give you a traffic ticket for pulling onto the wrong shoulder. Minimize danger to the police officer by pulling safely off the roadway as far as possible on the right shoulder.

2. Keep all of your necessary documents organized and available.

It does not matter who you are, when pulled over, all drivers get nervous. To help yourself, keep all documents accessible to allevia... Read More

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