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Read our blog for the latest info about DUI arrest representation in Bellevue, including information about marijuana and under age DUI. Nicholas George is a DUI Defense Attorney with years of experience defending drunk drivers in Seattle, WA. Nicholas George Seattle DUI Attorney - The DUI Warrior! Legal Representation.

Under Age Drunk Driving - What Can You Do?

Dark DUI Data

63% of Americans will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lives. This will either be by the driver or another vehicle.

More than 29 million people have admitted to driving under the influence in the past year.

29% of convicted drunk driers have been convicted of a prior DUI.

The average person convicted of drunk driving is a first-time offender. However, on average the offender admits to having driven under the influence around 80 times before.

Under Age Drunk Driving

Underage drunk drivers are technically breaking two rules so their infraction is more serious. First, the consumption of liquor underage. Second, driving while into... Read More

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