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Free Download: Five Myths About Drivers Charged With DUI/DWI

Almost every attorney is at one time or another confronted with a client, friend, or family member charged with drunk driving. In the 1960s, driving under the influence of alcohol was considered a minor offense, leading to modest fines; in the 21st Century, it is considered the most serious misdemeanor offense.

Our free guide; 'The Five Myths of DUI', explains in detail the following myths:

Myth Number 1: Are Most People Accused Of This Crime Guilty?
Myth Number 2: Is Drunk Driving Is A Minor Offense?
Myth Number 3: Can Any Attorney Defend An Accused Drunk Driver?
Myth Number 4: Are DUI Cases Winnable?
Myth Number 5: DUI Cases Are Just Like Any Other Criminal Case ... Read More

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Seattle DUI Frequently Asked Questions

As you look around our Seattle DUI website, you will see quite a bit of material available to help you understand the DUI laws and what they mean.

We have provided as much information as possible to help you make an educated decision when it comes to being charged with a crime and needing the assistance of a criminal defense or DUI attorney. Sometimes, however, not all that information can be placed in a neat and tidy section of a web site. Enter the FAQ.

From information on the court process to the types of actions that will make you stick out like a sore thumb to law enforcement to the definitions of terms associated with the judicial system, you will find articles in this section ... Read More

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Red Flags That Trigger a Traffic Stop That Could Lead To a DUI Arrest in Seattle

The following behaviors are considered to be 'Red Flags' that will increase your chances of being pulled over for a DUI in Seattle:

• Driving with headlights off
• Accelerating or decelerating rapidly
• Driving slower than 10 miles per hour
• Turning abruptly or illegally
• Turning with wide radius
• Stopping inappropriately (other than in the lane of travel)
• A slow response to traffic signals
• Driving into or crossing traffic
• Straddling center or lane marker
• Erratic application of the brakes
• Driving with tires on center or lane marker
• Driving in the opposite lane
• Following too closely
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