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Intermediate Licenses: Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do

If you are a teenage or the parent of a teenager, you are probably aware that the process to get your license is more complex these days. At sixteen and seventeen you can no longer simply receive an adults driverís license. There is a whole process now, where a teenager has to go through a graduated licensing process. This process starts with an intermediate license where teens are restricted to a probationary period. This means with an intermediate license a teenager has more restrictions than an adultís license. It is important to know exactly what these restrictions are and mean for teenagers.

Intermediate Licenses are Governed by 46.20.075

Teenagers may dri... Read More

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Intermediate Licenses: What Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do Cont.

RCW 46.20.267 Intermediate License Restrictions

A person using an Intermediate License who violates a traffic offense described in RCW 46.61 or the restrictions on an Intermediate License under RCW 46.20.075 (above) will be subjected to the following:
1. First Conviction: The department shall mail the parent or guardian of the teen violator a warning letter. The letter also includes the consequences for any subsequent violations:
2. Second Conviction: The Department of Licensing will suspend the personís immediate driverís license for six months, or until the person reaches eighteen years of age; whichever comes first. The parents or guardian will receive a noti... Read More

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