If you borrow money for personal use, then it is referred to as a personal loan. The lender is a financial institution like banks, credit unions, or micro-lenders. You can use the personal loan to pay for anything that demands your immediate financial attention.

The banks will decide on the loan amount depending on your credit history, their internal policies, and your ability to pay the loan. However, you must remember that a personal loan is different from a credit facility. Personal loans are paid as a single lump sum to you. Afterward, you will start repaying the principal amount with interest in installments. Meanwhile, a credit line or overdraft will allow you to access funds but only to an agreed limit.

Here are other facts about the personal loans that you should know:

Common Purposes 

You can use personal loans for anything. There’s no single reason why consumers want them. In general, personal loans are a good option to purchase or pay for expenses that are too much on a credit card.

Personal loans can be used for unexpected expenses like a major home repair. Sometimes, you might need an expensive appliance like a furnace that can be too much for your credit card. You will have to use a personal loan to cover its cost. Moreover, medical expenses are another unexpected cost that will require you to have a personal loan.

Next, you might want to finance a significant event in your life such as a wedding. However, you don’t have sufficient savings to do it. As such, a personal loan can cover these expenses beyond what you have in your savings. Other major events that will require you to apply for a personal loan are moving to a new location or funeral.

You can use the proceeds of the personal loan to consolidate debt and pay off the credit card debts. You will only have one monthly payment. Then, you will find out that the interest rate of your loan is lower than the average interest rate of your other debts.

Finally, a personal loan can have a better interest rate than other loan types. However, it might not come with the same tax advantage as other loans. As such, make sure to check with the professionals first to make sure that you don’t have problems with your taxes. If you are looking for personal loan, you can check out this site.

Fixed Interest Rates 

A fixed interest rate can be beneficial to you since this will allow you to manage your finances better. With this, there will be no hikes on the rates. As such, budgeting will be easier. The interest will depend upon the bank or the finance company from whom you have borrowed this loan. If you are looking for personal loan, you can check out this site.

Personal Loans Out win Other Lending Products 

No matter how you look at it, personal loans are the fastest-growing lending product. In 5 years, the total balance of unsecured personal loans has increased almost three times. In the first quarter of 2020, the average balance of a personal loan has grown by 5%. Again, this growth is higher than any other lending product in the market.

Personal Loans are Unsecured 

The majority of the personal loans are unsecured meaning they don’t use any collateral or asset as security. As such, it is very difficult to avail of it. In case of default, the financial institution such as banks cannot directly seize your car or home. However, they can use other collection techniques mandated by law. For example, they can file a lawsuit against you. They can also send the collection agencies to your home. Finally, they can also report your delayed payments to the credit bureau.

Fixed Repayment Period 

Meanwhile, the repayment period is decided mutually between the lender and the borrower as they evaluate your application. The length of the repayment and the tenure will vary. This will then decide the rate of your interest.

You can use a personal loan for different things. As such, they are one of the most preferred types of loans for the majority of people. You can apply for a personal loan to increase your purchasing power and avail of a smart repayment system.


Make sure to watch out for loan scams. This is true if you are shopping for a lender who will approve borrowers even with a bad credit history. Avoid any lender that will guarantee approval even without checking your credit or asks you to send money.


While a personal loan can be a good option when you need extra cash, there are many things to consider before deciding what type of credit is best for you. The most important thing is to determine the amount of debt you put yourself. Make sure that you are comfortable with those payments. Also, see to it that you can afford these payments. It must be structured in a way that you will not feel trapped.  Find the best rates and apply for a personal loan here.

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